The logistics: the nerve centre of the companies

In the companies, if logistics is managed by a one department, it is nevertheless a interfering with all other departments. Therefore, with a strategy that is not adapted to the needs, will impact the company as a whole and on its performance. The management of the logistics flows in the factory or warehouse, the optimisation of logistics flows related to the picking or receipt of and order. Isitec International has been deploying solutions for companies for the past 20 years. So what will be your solution?

Business sector: Logistics

Manufacturing, transport, distribution, support…. for any core business, at Isitec International we design solutions to optimise the management of the logistics flows for your company. Order picking, traceability, warehouse operations…. Discover our solutions.

Business sector: The manufacturing industry

The industries of food, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, and paper have one thing in common – the need to optimise the flow management in order to reach a maximum profitability. At Isitec International, we offer you customised solutions.

Business sector: Automotive

The automotive industry constitutes a big portion of the industrial market. In order to continue improving its performance and to deal with international import and export, this sector requires solutions for optimising the ever-changing logistics flows. Pick-to-light, Pick-by-voice, Pick-by balance, traceability… Discover our solutions.