New system to collect VAT payments on the importation of small consignments in the EU

Tapis de tri ISISORT

IsiSort sorting machine: The new system for collecting VAT on imports of small parcels

Parcel and Postal Technology magazine is highlighting the new way to collect VAT payments on imports of small consignments.

In order to fight imbalances between suppliers from the European Union and foreign suppliers, shipments of less than € 22 will no longer be exempt from VAT as of January 1, 2021.

The various postal operators will have to be organized to collect this VAT.

Eager to anticipate the problem, the Swedish PostNorth Post has invested, via Neopost and Isitec International in the IsiSort solution.

Interconnected with the PostNord software, the Isisort package sorting machine saves parcels, claim the VAT payment and sort at a speed of 4000 objects per hour.

Based on the machine developed for small import parcels sorting at La Poste in France, the new version of Isisort has a underneath/above OCR reader and an integrity check to ensure zero defects.





Edition Septembre 2019