To a new organisation

For twenty years, at Isitec International, we developed customised solutions for companies in the postal sector and general services for the companies. From the audit of your organisation to the software set up and its handling by all your employees, our teams design entirely your mail logistics. Thanks to our software, fully adapted to your company and your operations, your teams can now focus solely on their core business.

Business sector: Postal organization

With e-commerce, whether BtoB or BtoC, the postal logistics within the companies is changing. The Isitec International solutions assist you in: voice sorting of the email or by the machine, management of sensitive objects, management of registered mails … Discover our mail sorting, parcel tracking, traceability of registered mails …

Business sector: Mail service

The mail service is changing, the paper is joined by emails. How to optimise both of them? From the mail sorting to its distribution, including the traceability of each incoming or outgoing document, Isitec International mail logistics solutions allows you to better control the costs of this service, to have a better organisation and therefore a greater productivity.

Business sector: General Services

The management and maintenance of premises, equipment and green spaces, company logistics, procurement of supplies, risk management, reception … the tasks of the general services are multiple. By Isitec International, we develop customised software to improve and optimise the general services of the companies. Parcel tracking, statistics and KPI publishing, improving the communications, mail logistics, the reduction of administrative tasks, inventories, furniture management … discover our offers.