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> Improve the traceability of mail and parcel flows
> Manage and track your registered mail


ISITRAC is a traceability software for the mail services of large companies.
It enable to track in real-time sensitive objects from the arrival to the mail service until the delivery to the final recipient.
Comprehensive and scalable, ISITRAC performs a mono or multisite monitoring of your sensitive objects and provides different options
in order to improve the productivity and traceability of your flows.

ISITRAC ensures a transfer of responsibility as well for your sensitive mail, your registered mails, parcels, passports,
or any other sensitive flows you want to track.

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The benefits of ISITRAC

  • Reduction of the administrative tasks (-50%)
  • Reduction of the delivery times (min 15%)
  • “Zero paper”: dematerialisation of your delivery documents
  • Reduction of delivery errors
  • Management of potential disputes through traceability
  • Risk reduction on the transfer of legal responsibility towards
    your internal customers

A complete and flexible software
for the tracking of your parcels and sensitive objects

  • IT architecture according to your requirements (Server Client Version and Cloud Version)
  • Several services to employees: sending emails and programmable automated alerts, CLOUD access to all employees for the tracking of their package or sensitive objects
  • Automatic scheduling of tours to facilitate and optimise the delivery tours
  • Different delivery methods: Hand-delivered with signature on PDA, delivery at collection point , delivery on kiosk, delivery by entering the codes
  • Flexible architecture: Multi-user, Multi-site, Autonomous Station
  • Edition of distribution labels: configurable according to the traceability information
  • Analysis and reporting: KPI and other management and control indicators

ISITRAC, the traceability software with multiple features

Traceability of the registered mails, delivery of parcels in locker, web access: learn more about the complementary features of ISITRAC

Operational efficiency and traceability for your registered mails
ISITRAC combines the features of parcels traceability software with a registered mail tracking software with the following functionalities:

  • Full traceability of the incoming registered mails
  • Optimised processing of the outgoing registered mails
  • Traceability of the outgoing registered mails from the the mail-out at the post office until the final recipient

Parcel delivery locker
Connected delivery locker : Interfaced with ISITRAC, it enables the operators to deliver parcels and other sensitive objects in lockers secured by confidential code. The delivery is secured and the traceability of the parcel or sensitive object is integral.

Self Service Employee CLOUD access
This feature, called ISITRAC Self Service, allows your employees to track in real-time the traceability of their parcels as well as other sensitive flows . It is also web access that enables to send parcels, objects or the outgoing registered mails. The different available carrier interfaces guarantee to you a full live monitoring.

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