ISIPICK to light


>The most affordable and most flexible solution on the market


PICK TO LIGHT is a help system in the order picking to assist the order pickers in the tasks of:

  • Picking
  • Depositing
  • Kitting


The PICK TO LIGHT system from Isitec International increases greatly productivity, eliminates errors and improves the ergonomics for the operators.

Isitec offers a wide range of modules. These modules are a particularly reliable and work with a technology approved for over 10 years. Our global picking solution brings picking a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) very interesting.

Customers such as Peugeot and Faurecia use our technologies around the world.

Pick to Light

A full range of innovative pick to light solutions

With a wide variety of modules and features, PICK TO LIGHT of Isitec International adapts to your organisation and operators.

different models are available depending on the acknowledgment mode, action buttons or the information to be displayed

PICK TO LIGHT modules with displays: Large display to indicate numbers (quantity)or to indicate letters (location code)

LED strip: economical and extremely flexible solution for picking or placing in storage

LED pointer: simple installation and parameterisation, can be used for pick or put to light

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Weighing control

Last generation Kanban with call button
wireless and without battery for the smart industry

Take advantage of all the benefits of the pick to light

Comprised of experienced specialists, Isitec International team accompanies you to take advantage from the best benefits of the PICK TO LIGHT:

  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminating the errors
  • Make easy the training of your preparators
  • Work with Zero Paper

Complete and high-quality support for your pick to light project

Much more than just a pick to light solution provider, ISITEC provides you with a global TURNKEY solution

  • Hardware : PICK TO LIGHT module, LED strip, scanner …
  • Software : Control via the WCS ISIPICK, the PICK TO LIGHT solution from Isitec is equipped with an easy-to-use interface and configuartion
  • Advices : Experts at your disposal to help you with the realisation of your projects.
  • Integration :an experienced technical team
  • WMS Link : the WCS ISIPICK interfaces with your WMS to make your PICK TO LIGHT solution efficient and adapted to your needs
  • Customised system
  • Made for production in warehouse, approved robustness
  • Unlimited application possibility
  • Structure of the system easily extendable
  • Easy to implement
  • Link to many WMS/ERP systems

The PTL solution can be associated with the ISI Shutter module

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