ProGlove : Innovative hands-free scanner


> With its smart glove with integrated barcode reader, ProGlove associates the operator with the 4.0 industry

ProGlove allows the operator working in production and logistics to evolve hands-free, it is a scanner that replaces the traditional manuel scanner.

It enables simultaneous scanning and working, making industrial and logistics processes more efficient: ProGlove simplifies workflows, eliminates certain steps and reduces the risk of error.


SPEED :The elimination of non-value added process steps enables faster and more efficient work.

ERGONOMICS : Hands-free scanning enables ergonomic work.
Weight savings of up to 1.5 tonnes per shift.

QUALITY : Optimized handmovements reduces mistakes and improves quality.

Plug&Play : Integration via USB HID interface, RS232 connection or Bluetooth Low Energy. Simple configuration on

ProGlove benefits from a real trust capital since it is used by companies such as: BMW, Audi, Intersport, Lufthansa, GEIS Group, Bosch, ThyssenKrupp, Skoda …

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