Glovescanner hands-free scanners are of great help to factory workers and can further optimize the assembly line to improve efficiency.

SHF 502

SHF 502 is a portable industrial barcode reader that can be connected to any data capture device such as PDA, Smartphone, tablet, industrial terminal or PC to send the scanned barcode information.

The device is light, small and very easy to use. It is attached to the back of the hand using a special glove with industrial velcro. It can be adapted to both hands.

shf 502

The SHF502 is equipped with an imager for reading two-dimensional (2D) codes but also for reading linear codes (1D). It uses a Bluetooth communication technology with a range of up to 70 meters or 868 MHz radio frequency band, capable of communicating with the data receiving device over a distance of up to 300 meters.

SHF 502 contains a rechargeable and replaceable Li-lon battery that provides an autonomy for over 20,000 scans with a single charge.


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550mAh Battery

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ProGlove,Innovative hands-free scanner,manual scanner


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IP65 Water-proof Dust-proof

ProGlove,Innovative hands-free scanner,manual scanner

Weight : 65g

SHF 1002

The PDA SHF 1002 is a barcode reader of  industrial Smartwatch trigger type.

shf 1002It was designed from the upgrade of a single watch scanner with integrated glove with several features for many industrial environments.

This smart barcode reader makes it possible to improve ergonomics and speed, whether in industry, logistics, automotive, manufacturing or even collection and sorting in supermarkets.


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Android 5.1

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2.2″ Touch Screen


ProGlove : Innovative hands-free scanner

With its smart glove with integrated barcode reader, ProGlove associates the operator with the 4.0 industry

ProGlove allows the operator working in production and logistics to evolve hands-free, it is a scanner that replaces the traditional manuel scanner.

It enables simultaneous scanning and working, making industrial and logistics processes more efficient: ProGlove simplifies workflows, eliminates certain steps and reduces the risk of error.

  • Speed : The elimination of non-value added process steps enables faster and more efficient work.
  • Ergonomics : Hands-free scanning enables ergonomic work.
    Weight savings of up to 1.5 tonnes per shift.
  • Quality : Optimized hand movements reduces mistakes and improves quality.
  • Plug & Play : Integration via USB HID interface, RS232 connection or Bluetooth Low Energy. Simple configuration on

ProGlove benefits from a real trust capital since it is used by companies such as: BMW, Audi, Intersport, Lufthansa, GEIS Group, Bosch, ThyssenKrupp and Skoda.

ProGlove,Innovative hands-free scanner,manual scanner
ProGlove,Innovative hands-free scanner,manual scanner
ProGlove,Innovative hands-free scanner,manual scanner

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